Fireplace Mod for Minecraft

Fireplace Mod


The Fire Place Mod offers a single block which can act like a fire place that can be lit by flint and steel or punched to put out. The Fire Place Mod at the same offers chimney blocks which release smoke to offer your fire place effect. This mod at the same time offers a grill so you can cook your food direct from your fire place. The Fire Place Mod is up to date with Minecraft and is continually being updated to iron out bugs and improve the Mod.


Fireplace ModFireplace ModFireplace ModFireplace ModFireplace Mod

This mod is a basic feature that should be installed in the game, too many times we have set out wooden houses on fire either playing with lava or setting nether rack a light to gain the fire place effect. Nice feature that should be in the game by default. I love the fact that the Fire Place Mod offers a few more small features like being able to cook food on the fire place.

What is Fireplace Mod?

This is a mod that offers several new functional and decorative single blocks game, that will permit us to make new options, both for cooking and to decorate our buildings, on the basis of fireplaces, barbecues, fire pits, a stove, a grill, grills and campfires. In addition we can construct these new blocks or objects through various materials found in Minecraft.

Offer a few chimney blocks and watch the smoke puff out. Firepits and firerings can be used like an outdoor alternative. Make grills and prepare cooked food. Swipe your flint and steel at your favorite block and enjoy the fire!

Fireplace Changelogs :

  • Specific blocks and materials can be disabled in the config now.
  • This option was added so users can decrease clutter in their creative window.
  • Disabling a block removes it completely, but disabling a material will not remove it from existing items and blocks.


Key Features:

  • Fireplace Block: that can be lit by making a right clicking with flint and steel or extinguished by punching.
  • Stove Block: A distinctive style of fireplace block.
  • Chimney Block: that creates smoke puffs (as long as it begins right above the fireplace and continues upwards undisturbed or gets powered by redstone).
  • Firepit Block: good for contained campfires.
  • Fire Ring Block: A small, round, variant of the firepit..
  • No Fire Spread: you can safely light it inside a wooden house in the game.
  • No terrain indexes are used: Vanilla textures (which will fit your texture pack) are always used when possible.

Pros and Cons :

  • Pros – Gives some heat. Looks great on a cold winter’s night, or even a warm winter’s night.
  • Cons – I suppose they take up space, but really I can’t think of any cons.


The Blocks

How to Install Fireplace Mod for Minecraft

  1. Download Minecraft Forge
  2. Download the Fire Place Mod
  3. Drag all files from Minecraft Forge, ModLoaderMP and ModLoader in .jar folder
  4. Delete META INF folder
  5. Drag the Fire Place Mod into .minecraft/mods folder
  6. Enjoy you new Fire Place Mod!

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